Emerging Industry Leader

Joshua Adams has brought youth, energy, and passion into an older profession by acting as the sUAS Pilot & Remote Sensing Manager for Adams Surveying. He has been exploring modem technologies to revitalize the future of surveying and is determined to take the company to new heights.

Strongly believing in the company's mission to provide clients and the clients' customers with complete land surveying solutions, committed support, and exceptional customer service, Joshua and his talented team have been working on pioneering technology to transform the arena. He has formed a team dedicated to conforming to industry best practices and utilizing the most state-of-the-art equipment and software available for any size project. The company wants to foster a work environment that encourages the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, fairness, teamwork, innovation, and growth in our relationships with its clients, associates, and customers.

Philip E. Adams, RPLS, incorporated Adams Surveying in 2009, Philip began his career in 1983 working for Brookes Baker Surveyors in Ft Worth, Texas. He has almost 40 years of experience in the surveying industry, working in over thirty states, primarily in land development, high rise, low rise, single-family, multi-family, industrial, commercial, roads, and bridges. He also worked many years in Virginia's nuclear/Coal energy sector and surrounding states. Adams Surveying Company, LLC, is located in Richardson, Texas and serves a wide range of clientele, including public, commercial, industrial, retail, and residential development.

"I do my best to lead by example, exploring new opportunities utilizing emerging technologies to advance those around me and those that I meet along the way," says Joshua. "Not only am I working towards being a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and mentoring those in our company, but I've also started my own line of a Nutrition Supplements while continuing teaching physical fitness using Mixed Martial Arts, this allows me to have a great deal of influence with those I come in contact with daily."

Through years of living in team housing as a hockey player traveling through the U.S. and Canada, Joshua has learned to understand and value different personalities and perspectives. Learning patience and understanding and the ability to work inside a team with those different perspectives to achieve an end goal has been instrumental in growing a foundational team to build a successful business around. In the same ways, each hockey player has a role in helping their own small team within the team succeed, and those small teams are used to make the team successful. Individuals work in small groups or departments, and those groups and departments come together to make the company successful. "Keeping a culture that is rooted in being responsible and accountable to your own roll and always looking to support and assist others in their roll," adds Joshua.

The company has been implementing aerial and aquatic drones to enhance their survey field equipment allowing Joshua and his team to map greater areas faster, safer, and more accurate. This further enables Adams Surveying to collect a greater volume of information and previously unattainable or too risky data to capture with more conventional methods.

For Adams Surveying, customer service is their key difference from other companies. Going above-and-beyond to ensure that they assist their clients in every way possible to keep their projects moving on time, and on budget. "Our tag line is "Mapping the Future today" we don't just say it; we mean it, and our clients get solutions to their problems, not just an invoice," says Joshua. "We have an incredibly loyal client base which continually refers us to perform work for their customers, and the number one reason is that we always meet the high-expectations we set for ourselves."

Surveyors have been utilized to map raw land for predevelopment mapping to create the engineering design. Recently Adams Surveying was contracted to map over 800 acres of raw land for a master development plan on the east side of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. This project would typically take around two months to complete. However, they deployed their technology and completed the project in two (2) weeks allowing the engineer to capture time to perform a much more efficient design saving the client substantial savings in subsurface infrastructure costs.

It is pertinent to mention that Adams Surveying is a small company but viewed as an industry leader in Land Surveying utilizing emerging technologies. They have not only been featured by technology companies on how to deploy their equipment but consulted by Global Companies and Beta testing their products and providing critical reviews for their development. "We are currently working with technology development companies to find new ways of utilizing their existing and future technology in our applications," says Joshua. "Further, we are bringing several technologies together by developing workflow solutions and connecting the di fferenl platforms to provide our customers a seamless solution to capture time, money, and value to their current and future projects." IE

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